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Preschool Theme and Activites Printable :
Jungle Theme
Jungle Themes

Over 200 Jungle Activity Sheets.  Ready to go activities all printable to A4. 

Teacher/Parent Resources such as Borders, flash cards, Alphabets, Activity sheets, craft and cooking recipes and Jungle Poems written by an award winning poet. 

Activities include- Jungle Animal Masks and Tribal Jungle Masks, Safari Binoculars, Jungle Animal Writing, Head bands, puzzles, leaves, giraffe chain and so much more. 

For use year after year, quick and easy to use a wonderful addition to your Jungle Theme.

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Here is the full list included in Jungle Theme CD

•    Jungle Alphabet
•    Tell a story pictures (Jungle)
•    Flash Cards
•    Borders
•    Jungle tracing activity sheets
•    Bookmarks
•    Collage pictures for mobiles and wall display
•    Coloring pictures
•    Door hangers
•    Jungle animal finger puppets
•    Headbands
•    Jungle leaves
•    Puzzles
•    Printable jungle snap game
•    Lion giraffe and monkey mask
•    Original jungle rhymes
•    Snake pattern printable
•    Tiger and elephant masks
•    Toucan stained glass windows
•    Tribal jungle masks
•    Snake Writing Sheet
•    Leopard Writing Sheet
•    Toucan Writing Sheet
•    Monkey Writing
•    Zebra Writing
•    Who Belongs in the Jungle?

•    Jungle platters
•    Banana boats
•    Jungle juice
•    Toucan fruit kebabs

·    Adam the Anaconda
·    Ellie the Elephant
·    Jungle Activities
·    Levi the Lion
·    Lizzy the Leopard
·    Maxxi Monkey
·    Simmo the Spider
·    Tony Toucan
·    What is a Jungle?
·    Zoey Zebra

Here are some projects done by my girl who is 3 yr old.

Lion Mask
Jungle Animal Project 1a - Lion Mask
Colour the jungle animal.

Your child can choose to paint or collage the jungle animal too.
Jungle Animal Project 1b - Lion Mask Cut the mask using a scissor.

Help your child if he/she has not master the skill of using scissor yet.
Jungle Animal Project 1c - Lion Mask
Here is the beautiful Lion Mask !

My child is so proud of her artwork that she brings it to school to show her friends.
Giraffe Mask
Jungle Animal Project 2 - Giraffe Mask
Here is another artwork- giraffe !

Jungle Themes

Click here for Instant Download
AU $24.95

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